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Johnny MacKay's "Off-Grid Living" brims with inspiration, practical tips, and guidelines for a radically different way of living. Helpfully pointing out that life off-grid can be achieved in various stages and at various levels, Johnny breaks up the many off-grid aspects into manageable chunks...

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For those of us who have been concerned about government interference in our lives, these past 2 years have certainly brought things into sharp focus, making this book very timely...

I highly recommend this book, both for those who are keen to dive headlong into this new way of living, and for those of us, because of necessity, can only dip our toes in the water.


This is a grest comprehensive step-by-step guide for those planning to or are already living off the grid.

The detailed guide lays out a wealth of knowledge on setting your goals then what will be required the achieve them.

Things that many guides do not cover (acquiring your property, laying the infrastructure, necessary tools to make life much easier) are included and so much more.


This book is a beginning introduction to an off-grid living lifestyle, both pros and cons are covered. It is necessary for people to “do your homework’ ahead of time on off-grid living before attempting to do so. The author makes that very clear, and brings up the major areas to learn about beforehand. Highly recommended for all who wish to explore an alternate lifestyle, especially in today’s fragmenting society with ever-increasing shortages and inflation.


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Johnny is an author and founder of LivingFreeSurvival.com. He’s a Jesus lovin’, kilt totin’ Scotsman, and lives mostly off-grid in East Texas with his wife, three kids, and ten chickens. 

Johnny MacKay


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